Oct 24

Working from Home

The indian tribe that was here before apparently set a curse on the hollow that if “youre staying” for any short quantity of hour, even like a month or two, and you leave, you’re going to want to come back. And if you want to actually leave you have to take soil with you and then you’re ok. But if not it will always depict you back – the valley will ever depict you back. And I actually believe in that blaspheme now a little bit because I’m back here again. I’m AD1 Aubrie Blair and I’m a recruiter at Navy Recruiting Station Grand Junction. It’s a small town. You don’t have to worry about your boys strolling residence from school, rush hour traffic, you don’t have any of that.

It’s nice, if you enjoy the outdoors it’s perfect. Mountain biking is 20 minutes away, skiing is 30 minutes away. It’s just a nice, easy residence to live. I knew I wanted to do recruiting before I went to boot camp. Being in this office and realise how it operated and visualizing what they did I was like, yeah, I’ll be a recruiter, eventually I’ll be a recruiter. Go do some fun situations with airplanes firstly and then come back and be a recruiter. I joined the Navy in 2007. I had just done a year of college, or the majority of members of a year of college. So from college straight into the Navy, I went to Great Lakes like everybody else does, went to -Aschool in San Diego.

And then I went to VAQ-1 37 in Whidbey Island, Washington. I did one deployment on the USS Enterprise in 2010, and now I’m here recruiting. AD1 genuinely placed the world on fire. She came out, she was motivated, she has house aid which helps a lot. She came out on a mission – to do a good job – and she’s done exactly that.

When I firstly got here it was difficult at first. You have to go around, you have to build relationships, you have to talk to people – you have to talk to everyone. But once you build those relationships, we haven’t really had to work hard at recruiting since then. Because those people, once they know how great the Navy is and they know what it’s all about they mail people to you. You don’t even “re going to have to” recruit anymore.

So it becomes easy. I can only walk into a classroom, if it’s a educator I know, and just say “hey” and they’ll let me do pretty much anything I need to. It’s nice just going back there because the principal knows me and everybody else there knows me. Merely treading through the auditoriums, “Oh, hi again! ” It’s just nice to go back to that. It shapes it easier because they don’t look at you as a recruiter, they look at you as a former student and I think it’s easier to trust when it’s somebody you know , not just a brand new person going in there. So it shapes it a bit easier to get in. I think it’s awesome. It’s one of best available recruiting efforts that can happen, when a student who knows our community and knows our institution comes back and are talking about boys frankly about what has happened in the military. I am a United States Sailor … Recruiting isn’t for everybody. Some people are going to like it and some people aren’t, just like any office, but it’s rewarding simply the same.

Even if you don’t like it and you go back into the fleet or even when you get by, thinking back on the people you’ve put in and how they have changed, it’s still rewarding. It still gives you a sense of accomplishment and a sense that you actually did something. I just really acknowledge everything that she’s done. It represents me feel like my dreams aren’t just like everyone else’s. It shapes me feel like I have my own fib and she’s helping me create my tale, and I just really acknowledge everything that she’s done for me. You change the world a bit, one Sailor at a time, really ..

Work from home